We created a fashion line called akro in 2014.

The main inspiration came from green nature and women of the Middle Ages.

Most of the work is handmade, and there is a lot of responsibility.

With colors and silhouettes as if obtained from nature, we continue to present women's collections with a unique idyllic atmosphere.

In 2020, we will have a new family, and our company will be named Commebikidy after the family members, and we have been thinking about an ethical brand that considers the environment a little more.

So, we made the akro.tea.collection in 2021, reminiscing on our last trip to Mallorca, which is important in our family's memory, and we are working with several Spanish artists to create sustainable designs that consider the environment.

We aim to set new standards.

We will do something new and bold without being bound by general trends.

by family,

inspired by them

for my family.